Yoga Class Timetable

Yoga classes in Edinburgh

Below you can find all the group yoga classes in Edinburgh that I teach. All my yoga classes are inspired by the Forrest yoga and Yin yoga which are focused on healing and caring for yourself and your body.





Beginners YogaTuesday9.25-10.25 amDrumbrae Leisure Centre
50+ YogaTuesday12.30-13.30pmEdinburgh Yoga Room
Gentle Flow YogaTuesday10.30-11.30 amDrumbrae Leisure Centre
Mind Body Balance YogaThursday10.30-11.30amEdinburgh Yoga Room
Birth Preparation Yoga

(please contact me to check for the availability)

Sunday1.30-2.30 pmEdinburgh Summerhall Yoga

Mind Body Balance


Thursday 10.30-11.30am
Edinburgh Yoga Room
5 Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3JX


Mind Body Balance Yoga does exactly as it’s name suggests. It is a class inspired with Forrest Yoga and Yin Yoga. These are the two therapeutic styles I found most beneficial, not only for injuries I was facing, but for hypermobility and low energy levels as well. They gave me tools to go deeper into the layers of body and mind. They showed me that connection between those two was much more powerful than I could ever imagine. I found that nurturing both body and mind is the only way to heal. Only way to become pain free. Only way to gain most of any form of Yoga practice. Finally my Yoga practice stopped being ‘no pain, no gain’. It became my pleasure and treasure.

What to expect from the class:

Challenging Yoga practice to build up strength while practising kindness toward yourself. Only when there is strength in the body flexibility (of mind) can come. Use of essential oils and self-massage techniques. They too deepen the effect of Asanas, boost immune system and rejuvenate body and mind.
There are no limitations for the class. It is open to beginners as well as advanced students. In case of injuries please contact me before the class. Each pose can be modified to your personal needs. There is only one way to go further – ‘Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.’ (A. Einstein)

Birth Preparation Yoga


Sunday 1.30-2.30pm
Edinburgh Summerhall Yoga
1 Summerhill Square, Edinburgh EH9 1PL


pregnancy yoga edinburghLearn about your body and know how to welcome your baby as safely as possible. Birth Preparation Yoga aims to strengthen parts of your body like pelvic floor and lower back – same parts that are the first ‘to go’ after baby is born. Same parts you need for your core and therefore for your overall health. Using Yoga postures and Burrell Education Pregnancy Exercises you get the best possible care throughout pregnancy AND after.

Altered body posture that comes from carrying baby is natural thing that happens during pregnancy, but it can also hurt and damage the quality of your life. And you may think (or someone may tell you) it will all pass after the birth. The truth is – you will be carrying your baby for quite some time after it is born using that same no good posture that might bring upper and lower back pain, shoulder and neck aches. It can affect your pelvic floor and in some cases lead to incontinence and prolapse.

Learn how to adopt your practice and everyday activities to avoid any of that happening.

Why it is important to do it now while you are pregnant? Because hormones, lack of sleep and time will be working against you once baby is beside you. This carefully adopted yoga postures and exercises will help you to gain strength and relax at the same time. Knowledge that will aid both the birth and motherhood.

What to expect?

pregnancy yoga edinburghClasses cover breathing exercises – crucial not only for the labour but also for the proper function of pelvic floor muscles and the whole pelvic basket. Including abdominal muscles that affect the posture especially your lower back.

Strengthening exercises that will help not only to reduce things that usually follow pregnancy but also help you during birth. Strength is as important as relaxation in pregnancy. Your body will produce relaxin to help with the delivery and therefore working on muscles that hold and protect joints brings that perfect balance.

Every class ends with a guided meditation and relaxation. Learning how to relax will be as important as all mentioned above during your baby’s birth. Also because it feels really really good to have some quiet time with your baby. During our block of classes we will cover both nutrition and alternative help for birth like self-massage techniques, reflexology and nutrition.

50+ Yoga


Tuesday 12.30am-1.30pm
Edinburgh Yoga Room
5 Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3JX


Yoga class without limits. Because ‘once we accept our limits, we move beyond them’. Instagram Yoga might have given you idea that those pretzel poses are not your cuppa. Great news – this is real yoga. In real yoga we use loads of yoga toys so every pose is accessible and safe for everyone – no limits, just your personal growth.

The number of benefits that yoga practice can give you is a list that can go on forever. Main one? When your body functions better you are going to feel better: healthy bones, flexibility, strength, anxiety relief and sharp mind. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Acknowledge nothing is impossible in your all powerful mind. Your day cannot be anything else but beautiful when you start it (or lunch it) with a rejuvenating mind and body yoga practice.

If you still need convincing here are the goodies that come from regular yoga practice:

  • provides elasticity to the spine
  • firms up the skin
  • removes tension from the body
  • strengthens muscles
  • good posture
  • boosts immune system
  • improves quality of muscle tone
  • relieves stress, anxiety, depression
  • increases energy levels
  • eases many symptoms of pain and discomfort like arthritis, back pain, neck problems, high blood pressure, sciatica, asthma

Best way to be sure if this is something for you – come and try.